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Archive for April, 2008

Dog Food – The Right Diet For Your Dog

Friday, April 25th, 2008

When you buy food for your dog, its easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices you have, and on top of that you have to worry about all the negative things you hear and read about commercial dog food products. This has left many dog owners confused and stuck when it comes to picking a good diet for their pets, and it makes them wonder about the perfect healthy diet for their furry family members… is there one?

Is it as simply as knowing what should go into your dog? Yes it is, and it’s nutrients. A dog needs a mix of protein, carbohydrates, good fat, vitamins, minerals and water. You can check this on the label of a dog food product or you can make the meal right at home on your own. As long as your dog is getting these important nutrients, its close to the safe side.

Be Prepared for Your First Dog Agility Trial

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Prior to entering your dog in an agility trial or fun match, try and attend one on your own. This will enable you to see how the event is organized and what is required as an entrant. As this will be your first time, do ensure you visit the Novice ring. Is your dog up to the standard of the others? If not, then maybe it would be wise to spend some more time on training your dog on the commands required. The majority of dog trials are held in the open with no fenced areas. If your dog cannot respond to the basic “Come” command, that could cause problems. It is far better if you are confident of your dog’s obedience.

The dog agility trials use a scoring system called runs. These runs are based on the “fault count”. Fault count includes the course faults like knocking down a bar during a jump or exceeding the standard course time (SCT). The faults are also decided on the basis of competition level and course toughness. Keep a diary to track your dog’s progress. Try to get hold of a copy of the course to keep for future reference. This will be invaluable later as it will help to highlight any problems and allow you to deal with them effectively.