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Rare Dog Breed Salesperson Judgment

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Like in any other business out there, you will find cheats and swindlers and this short article will help to protect yourself. In my day, personally dealt with many dog breeders of all kinds, including rare dog breeders and noticed the differences between the good and the bad. Here is some of what I’ve learned:

Don’t buy from rare dog breeders that do the following: Dog breeders selling puppies that are under 7 weeks old are causing harm to the dogs because early separation from the litter can damage them psychologically and socially. A rare dog breed that is damaged in such a way is more of a crime than a not so rare breed. At least it should be a crime. And besides, you don’t want a dog with personality problems. Ask the breeder how old the puppy is and do some research on the internet to find out roughly what size the rare dog breed should be. (Height and weight) Dog breeders that let you handle very young puppies are heightening the chances that the dogs will transmit diseases and pass them on to the other dogs. An experienced rare dog breeder knows these risks and many other rare little packs of trouble. Buy from a breeder who seems FAR too cautious rather than lax and permitting. Dog breeders that show you no proof that the rare dog breeds, usually pedigree dogs, have been tested for genetic and other diseases. If they aren’t up front about something then that usually means there’s something to hide. Buy from a breeder who does the following: (Generally look for the opposites of what’s listed above. Below are examples of integrity.) They belong to a rare dog breeders club and encourage you to speak with other members. Experienced rare dog breeders are usually very passionate about breeds and especially rare breeds. A good dog breeder will ask you lots of questions to make sure the dog is going into safe hands. As the breed becomes more rare, the breeder will use more caution because he has integrity. Looking for rare dog breeds should direct a lot of questions your way. The rare dog breeder will spend time making sure you understand his suggestions regarding examinations, health, diet info, etc. The breeder will be very serious about this because the dog’s safety is most important to him. Look for the rare dog breeder’s values before you look at the breeds. If he is out looking for a sale then he might lie to you, and he might endanger the dogs. Use these tips to objectively judge how likely it is that the breeder is being up front with you. Sincerely, Rusty .S Permission to the reprint rights of the article, free of charge, provided that the article remains unchanged and the authors resource box is included in the reprint.