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How to Choose the Best Dog Breed

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Type of Breed- Each breed has its unique characteristic and has been specifically bred for a particular job. Thus, picking a sporting breed or hunting breed will show their inherent characteristics and might keep chasing cats and other pets. Other dog breeds that might not suit your modern lifestyles include herding dogs, working and guarding dogs.

Types of Sizes- Never pick a puppy due to its cute looks or size as small pups of large breeds look very tiny but grow up very large ion size. For very small sized apartments, toy or miniature dog breeds work best while those in a large apartment or middle sized house can go in for small to medium sized dogs. However, if you have a large yard and big house, large to medium size dogs work well.

Concerns on Health – Knowing all the health concerns related to the dog breed that you are interested in becomes essential. It is best to buy your pet puppy from a reputable pet dealer to make sure that your pet is healthy. However, as all dog breeds have some genetic health issues, check with the dealer before buying.

In case you have a breed of dog which is long haired and which has lots of hairs then you are aware of the problem of mats and the tangles on the skin of your dog. In case the balls of hairs are left unattended, then might lead to complete skinning of the skin coat to resolve the problem. This also leads to skin ulcers, and other skin related problems. In case you want to avoid all this, then plan for a proper grooming of the dogs skin.

Level of Required Exercise – The amount of exercise that each dog breed requires is not based on size alone. It is known that some small and medium dog breeds require heavy exercise while other large breeds are calm dogs that do not require high amounts of exercise.

Experience with dog breeds – Your experience as a dog owner can help you with many breeds as some are naturally stubborn and dominant. You can seek advice from breeders and vets to decide if the breed you are looking for is challenging to work with or not.

Child Friendly Breed- With children at home or if you are planning to have kids, it is best to pick child friendly breeds as some dogs are not good with kids around. Many dog breeds love to have children around, so keep that in mind while picking a new puppy.