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Dog Care Fundamentals

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Dog care is an essential part of a dog’s life. If not properly attended, they may acquire certain diseases that are undisputedly shortening their lives. Some of these may include diabetes, tumors, liver cancer, kidney diseases, joint pains, obesity, and many dental problems. In these, it is very important that you manage your senior dog’s health through ensuring necessary dog care.

Senior dog ailments may be controlled if preventive dog care measures are observed. Dog care routines must include vitamin supplements, regular visits to the veterinarian, nutrition checks, and a regimen of exercises. When your concern is the infestation of fleas on your pet’s coat, it is not always recommendable that you employ the use of poison powders or sprays. It commonly observed that flea combs work well in eliminating the fleas on your pets, not to mention the enjoyment your dog gets with this form of dog care.

However, there is now a popular medication available in the market, which your veterinarian may recommend. This is called the Program, which in general may prove worth the use. On the other side, maintaining the cleanliness of your home may be one of the best ways of eliminating these pests. A vacuum once every two days will keep them off fr many days. Moreover, dog care may apply also with your yard, meaning the use of pesticides sprayed throughout your yard may prove beneficial for you and your pet. Pesticides which come in liquid forms such as the malathion, duisban and the likes are most commonly applied as they not only reduce the number of fleas in your place but also kill other pests as well.

Ultimately, dog care reduces the chance of your dog having acquired diseases, some of which may be fatal. An example is the heartworms. They are known to kill many dogs and it is best if you have your dog checked by a veterinarian every year to give him corresponding medications. Vaccinations as part of your dog care routine would significantly affect his over-all health. Your dog’s diet must also be watched. Many generic and commercially produced dog foods may contain harmful ingredients to your dog. To carefully ensure productive diet for your dog, it is best that you give him foods that are scientifically formulated.