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Homemade Dog Food Recipes – You Can Do It

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Have you heard the phrase “not fit for human consumption”? Pet food labeling regulations are less strict than for humans, so lots of the things considered unfit for human consumption go into the commercial dog food you feed your best friend – even if you use a premium brand.

Because you are not able to find out exactly what’s in some foods, you can’t make informed choices and your pet may not be getting adequate nutrition. That can lead to illness. Why take a chance with your dog’s health?

And why make your dog sick with ingredients that can cause allergic reactions like soy, corn and grains? These are common ingredients used as fillers in store-bought pet food to keep production costs low, but your dog may be allergic to them.

Homemade dog food recipes can make cooking for your dog easier than you ever imagined. You choose the ingredients yourself, so you know when you’re buying the best quality. But is it really worth the effort?

Here are 4 reasons why feeding your dog healthy homemade food is well worth the effort:

You Can Be Sure It’s Fresh

Commercial dog food may have been sitting on store shelves for months – then it stays a few more weeks in your home if you buy in large quantities. When you put yourself in charge of the ingredients in your dog’s food, the meals your pet gets are as fresh as the choices you make. Worries about expired and contaminated food are a thing of the past when you use healthy homemade dog food recipes to prepare your pet’s food.

You Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

Dogs have more energy when they get all the nutrients they need and nothing more – just like people. Dogs with dull coats, skin conditions and other recurring illnesses usually have overall health issues that go way beyond the symptoms you see. When you control the ingredients, you get a healthier dog.

You Can Manage Serious Conditions

Diabetes is common in dogs, and you can’t be sure store-bought pet food is formulated for your dog’s specific needs. Your dog could be allergic to soy, grain or corn, and the food you’re using now probably contains all three. Plus, dogs – like humans – need specific amounts of fiber, protein and other nutrients to avoid other serious health conditions, and you can control the nutrients when you control the ingredients by making your pet’s food based on expertly developed nutritionally-balanced healthy homemade dog food recipes.

You Can Extend Your Dog’s Life

Studies have shown that dogs fed a diet of healthy homemade dog food live up to 8 years longer than those whose owners feed them commercial pet food. When you feed your pet a well-balanced homemade dog food diet you are helping to ensure that chronic conditions and diseases don’t unnecessarily shorten your dog’s life.

Homemade dog food has more benefits for your dog’s health than you can imagine. And it’s well worth the few minutes of your time it will take to make it. After all, a healthy, happy dog contributes to the happy home you want for your family.

If you aren’t using expertly-developed homemade dog food recipes, you can’t be certain your dog is getting correct nutrition. Healthy homemade dog food recipes put your mind at ease by showing you how to make delicious, nutritious food for your dog with ease and care. If you care for your dog, be sure to provide him or her with the very best food.

How to Choose the Best Dry Dog Food

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Sometimes, the best dry dog food is the one that your dog will eat the most. It is easier to buy something that your canine will eat as opposed to having them eat dog food that may be better for them, but one that they may not necessarily like. However, there are a few things you need to consider when you walk down the pet food aisles at your local retailer.

Consider the price of the dry dog food. Often, dry dog food that are cheap or are not branded are made with ingredients like fillers and seasonings that are not necessarily good for dogs. These ingredient may be tasty, but they can be harmful to your dog. These dry dog food often have too much preservatives, which can cause your dog to develop health problems that may eventually cause them to suffer later on in life.

To increase the vitality and life expectancy of your dog, go with good quality dry dog food. You don’t really need to purchase the most expensive dry dog food there is, but it is best if you stick with dry dog food that is manufactured by a reputable dog food company and is priced reasonably.

The main ingredient in the best dry dog food is rice, corn or soybean. High quality dry dog food will also have other ingredients such as beef and chicken. Stores also sell dry dog food formulated specifically to a dog’s age. Manufacturers classify the different types of dry dog food as being for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Purchasing the dry dog food that’s most suitable for your dog’s age is always important.

If you want to know what are the best dry dog foods, ask your veterinarian. Veterinarians would often recommend the branded dry dog foods. These brands are more expensive, but if you have an older dog, it may be to your advantage to pay a little more for the best dry dog food.