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Dog ID Tags – Keep Your Puppy Safe

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Losing your dog could be a very sad experience. Dogs are more than just pets; they are also our guardians and our companions. It is said that dogs are more loyal than other animals and are in fact, even more loyal than most of us; hence, a dog is considered as man’s best friend.

No matter how we try to keep our dogs always within sight, however, they sometimes go astray. Chances are, without any form of identification, they may not be returned by those who find them and they might be gone for good. This is where the importance of a dog identification tag comes in. Since your dog cannot speak for himself, its dog identification tag shall tell the finder where to return your lost dog.

A typical dog tag is a flat metal tag attached to the collar, chain, rope or harness worn by the dog around its neck. It usually displays the name of the owner, his contact number or his address. It’s used to easily and quickly notify the owner when the dog is found.

In the US, using dog identification tags is not obligatory; however, many dog-friendly organizations recommend the use of such tag. Moreover, most Americans, dog lovers as they are (American Veterinary Medical Association 54% of all households in the US have at least one pet dog; 47% of them consider their pets as members of the family), feel and understand the need of using dog identification tags.

So buying an ID tag for your dog is important. Nowadays custom made dog IDs are available online and from various retail outlets. To save time, you can shop online at the store Dog IDs with many options. Producing custom pet ID tags and dog collar name plates is its specialty. Looking for unique dog collar tags for your best friend? Dog IDs has the best selection of handmade designer dog name tags anywhere on the internet! Dog IDs also offers personalized dog collars, custom dog collars, leather dog collars, designer dog collars, dog leashes and leads, dog harnesses, dog beds and dog safety apparel for your canine companion…Only the best for man’s best friend!

Dog IDs has been engraving pet ID tags for over 10 years. The computer driven engraving equipment and processes that Dog IDs uses ensure that the tags are produced in a uniform fashion. In other words, high quality results for customers every time…no exceptions! Dog IDs takes great pride in the work and love knowing that the engraved dog ID tags help keep dogs safe at home with their families.

Luckily, dog ID tags are not expensive to purchase, so it should be one of the first things you get your dog, once you’ve chosen a name. You can usually find just the right tag, too, that fits your lifestyle and your pet’s personality. Tags come in different materials, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel or plastic, and in a variety of shapes and colors. When it comes to choosing a fun dog ID tag, the choices are limitless.

Whatever methods you use when protecting your pet against loss or theft, please remember to keep the contact information current. Just a few minutes of your time to update registry information or purchase a new dog tag can make all the difference in the world in your beloved dog’s life.