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Puppy Raising Guide

Guide Dog puppies begin intensive training at the age of about 14 months. Until that time, they live with foster carers called puppy raisers. These families and individuals ensure that our new recruits get the best possible care in a loving home environment.

Puppy raisers come from all walks of life. They range from dog lovers who wish to care for a dog but can’t provide lifelong care, to families learning to raise a dog before having their own pet.

Puppy raisers have one thing in common – they have the opportunity to help change people’s lives forever. Their pup may become an invaluable companion to a person with special needs, either as a Guide Dog or a Pets As Therapy dog.

Puppy raisers are responsible for feeding, grooming and exercising their pups daily, along with basic obedience, house-training, and visits to the vet when needed. While this training is important, the dogs are first and foremost puppies – so plenty of games and tummy scratches are also required!

If you are selected as a puppy raiser, you will care for a puppy from the age of about eight weeks to 14 months – an important time of learning for dogs.

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