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How to Choose a Bed for Your Dog

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Dog beds are important. Dogs need a place to rest and sleep in, especially when its master sleeps at night as well. Having a sleeping place for your dog gives your it a sense of security. You value your dog’s personal space and your dog will very much need a place of its own, away from everybody else.

Choosing dog beds

Deciding on which type of bedding to buy will depend on a number of factors, the first of which is the size of the bed. These beds usually come in five sizes namely extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. Identifying the size of the individual beds will depend on the size of your dog. Moreover, sizing of the beds vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier of the bed.

In as much as these beds vary in sizes, they also vary in shape. The best way to find out what shape of bed will most be suitable for your dog, try to observe the sleeping positions of your dog. If your dog likes stretching out on your sofa then a rectangular-shaped bed will probably be best for your dog. However, if your dog likes curling up into a ball then a circular shape will probably be to your dog’s liking.

Despite the size and shape of the one you intend to purchase, make certain that the materials used for the beds make is in accordance with health and sanitary standards. Moreover, in case your dog tries to destroy it, double-check the filling used because these materials may harm your dog when digested.


Some of the most common sleeping items available include the following: sofa beds (sofa look-alikes); donut (donut-shaped with the outer ring higher than the inner part, also called nest beds); round (like the donut beds); rectangle (no raised edges); hooded (structure bed with a canopy-like hood or like an arch); and reversible one (cushions with two sides of design).

For older dogs that require specialized bed features, it is advised to purchase an orthopedic variety. Yes, there are orthopedic beds for dogs as well! These special beds actually provide more comfort to your old dog as it might be experiencing some sore bones and joints.

All in all, a good dog bed is something that provides comfort and a sense of security to your dog. In addition, it should be something that is easy to clean and is made to withstand friction, wear and tear. Another option is to buy one that is waterproof or is moisture resistant.

While it may be surprising that these items come in a number of variants, it is essential that you pick the best one for your dog. Also, the idea of observing the sleeping positions of your dog may seem silly when in fact it is actually very important. You see, your dog may have certain preferences and if you buy the wrong type of dog bed, there is a possibility that your dog may not use it.

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Just like you, your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep. If you do not think so, then why does he jump up on your bed every night? Now, there you go. You see, your dog likes to relax and instead of having to shoo him off your bed, all you have to do is get him a dog bed. It is a plush place that he can call his very own.