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American Kennel Club
featuring everything about purebred dogs, buying puppies, registration, canine stores, dog competition, pedigree resources, health and nutrition, care and training, and more.
Canadian Kennel Club
the canadian kennel club
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
(DRA) FORMERLY the US Kennel Club is an all-breed kennel club with hassle-free service,open registration policies, registering over 400 breeds of dogs.
Your one stop Dog Club network. Our directories are updated frequently.
Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America
Owners of mixed breeds can enjoy the thrill of competing for titles in obedience, tracking and much more.
United Kennel Club, Inc - Canada
UKC, United Kennel Club inc. also known as the The Ladies Kennel Club is an All Breed Dog Club located in Montreal Quebec (Canada)
United Kennel Club, Inc.
home page, your best source of information on United Kennel Club Events.
Universal Kennel Club International
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